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What drives BAYKRON?

We are more than an accessories brand. We are a team of dedicated individuals with a combined drive to create the best quality products at accessible prices while enhancing the quality of life through True Mobility.

Learn more about what compels us below.

Our vision

At BAYKRON, our goal is to continue offering the best quality tech accessories on a global level, allowing us to equip you with everything you need to create a truly mobile and untethered life experience.

Our Mission

is to build high quality tech accessories at affordable price points through innovation and creativity.

Our Team Experience

At BAYKRON, our senior Product Team has over 16 years experience in the electronics, mobile & accessories markets.

We understand the market directions and ever changing dynamics, allowing us to be first-to-market year over year in the fast paced consumer tech category.

Our growth

BAYKRON's size and popularity has grown tremendously each year. As a premium brand specializing in products tailored to Apple, Samsung and other leading smartphone accessories, we continue to grow in US, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Russia.


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